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Should students be allowed to wear coloured sports shoes?

The current position of the school is that track shoes that are not white in colour can only be worn with PE or CCA Attire. Shoes worn as part of the official school uniform have to be clean, white sport  shoes which are in good contition.

The school diary has this to say: "Our school represents a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds and a simple school uniform is one way to ensure unity so that no boy will be singled out because of his financial ability to keep up with everyone else." Is this true in other areas, ie. bags, spectacles, socks?

"If they (the students) perceive that styles are important then so too is their ability to bend the rules so that they can wear what they consider 'cool' and still be conforming - or so they think!" Is this problem still relavant today, or a thing of the past? Most, if not all of us own at least a pair of coloured shoes, so what's the big deal about colour? Is this rule becoming more of a hindrance rather than a means to an end?

Please discuss objectively and constructively! Be respectful and do have a fruitful discussion!


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Students, definitely, have the liberty and rights to wear them, however, only during school curriculum hours. They are disallowed to wear them only when they are going to and from school, as it might ruin the school's reputation.

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zuzivian(6) Disputed
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Isn't it hypocrisy to say that one should wear white shoes in public in public for the sake of image but is able wear coloured shoes within the privacy of the school compound, simply because they have 'rights' and liberties'? There are limits to freedom.

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chiakaitiak(3) Disputed
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Yes, certainly, there are limits to freedom. However, I would like to add on. Sport shoes are indeed indirectly causing a 'financial gap' to those who can afford them, from those who can't afford them. However, sport shoes are proven to be the best pair of shoes for running activities.

In SJI, there are running activities, such as our PE lessons which is held twice weekly. With the fact that sport shoes are proven to be the best pair of shoes for running activities, it could thus decrease the chances of students getting injured during these activities. Now my question is, is it worth it for a student to get injured, just plainly because of the 'financial gap', as mentioned above?

In addition, there are CCAs that comprises lots of running (like the Track & Field, for example). Sport shoes can help the students in the CCA by improving their running time and speed. If students are not allowed to wear them (be it within the campus, or outside), how can these students gauge themselves and gain confidence for any competitions? Are they going to lose faith in attaining victory and pride for our dear Alma Mater?

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As a lasallian school, the value of community and the vision of students becoming 'Men for Others' clearly shows us that the last, lost and least must be taken into consideration with each decision we make, each action we take, each word we speak. Wearing a different coloured sports shoe from my neighbour may bring across the message that I stand out from the rest and those who choose to wear simple shoes to be 'normal' and 'dull'. I don't think that it is right that we should exclude others over what is superficial. Rather, uniformity will give all students a sense of belonging and togetherness. We are brothers to each other, and it is good that small issues like shoes do not stand in the way of friendships and the general spirit and culture of the school.

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chiakaitiak(3) Disputed
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But the fact is, a pair of running shoes is meant for running purposes. It's their own perception that, "when they wear white shoes, it means they are normal and dull." Yes, indeed it may seem as though that we stand out if we were to wear plain white shoes to school, but I don't think it is fair to those who require sport shoes (badly) for their CCAs and other recreational activities happening in SJI.

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