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SJI Prefectorial Board

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Edit this page St. Joseph's Institution, Singapore

Josephians with strong leadership potential and service aptitudes are provided with an opportunity to serve on the SJI Prefectorial Board. SJI places strong emphasis on character development, leadership and communication. Boys on the SJI Prefectorial Board usually stand out from other Josephians even in Secondary 1, be it in their concern for others, or as boys with initiative who can take to leadership easily.

These Probationary Prefects are mentored by their seniors to prepare them to take on their future roles and responsibilities. These boys are nominated by their peers, teachers and staff who interact with them on a daily basis. Every year, a new batch of Prefects is presented to the school during Inaugural Service in SJI.

The Prefect’s main duty is service to the school, to ensure the daily smooth running of the school. Be it Morning Assembly, Traffic, or maintaining order during Recess. Prefects are on duty for every major function in school as well. In addition, the Prefectorial Board initiates Hair for Hope every year in SJI since 2008. And in 2010, the Prefectorial Board spearheaded the organisation of SJI first Carnival in decades.

The SJI Prefectorial Board is led by Head (Student Leadership and Discipline), Mr Jeremy Liew.

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